Lil Pottna is an on the rise recording artist from New Orleans. Music has been in his life since he was 18 years old. Music is his gateway to express himself and tell his views and situations in an art form. It’s his therapy. When he let his friends first experience his music he knew he was going to pursue it as a career. His friends were shocked and in awe at the talent Lil Pottna had. When creating music he tends to like to be in his own company and in his own thoughts. That allows for no disruptions and he is able to hone into his mind to create content.

Right now the tracks he is currently pushing are titled “Highway”, “Dumb Dumb”, “On a Mission”, “We Go Make It” and his main release titled “Thug It Out”. This track has already accumulated over 100k streams and is growing by the minute. His most recent release has just dropped on all platforms titled “Tough”. Lil Pottna is consistent and motivated. His music has what it takes to compete with the mainstream artists. Stay tuned for his new content.

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