August 28,2022 (7) models that were signed to Faceswithtalent was selected to participate in a Victoria Secret Retreat, submission based job. It allowed 7 girls a chance to network and build a custom relationship with one another. President Makenzie Brown, Vice President Cheyenne Updegraph, Director Aubri Marie, Shaniqua Smith, K’Alicia Henderson, Katya Velasquez, and Lundon Thomas all were recognized during this retreat.

Faceswithtalent has been the top #1 top ranked 3rd party company in the USA for over a year now. They have made several improvements to their roster. This international company is looking to outrank agencies in the USA next year. Creating a high payroll, self service availability, networking and big audience. Faceswithtalent also announced that they will be opening a virtual arts academy school in 2023 online.

CEO TOKYO spoke out that his plan is to expand in every way possible.

Faceswithtalent has been bringing the top entertainers in the world to sign with them. Bringing opportunities that agencies cannot. The great thing about the company is you start off signed under an invest contract to cover your expenses. Most models that sign with agencies have to create their own funding to help get them to the next level. This company has contracts with multiple companies to allow you to work with another company 3rd party. They specialize in brand ambassador shoots, film production, commercials, movies, reality shows, and much more.

Many companies will turn models aways due to age, height requirements, stretch marks, race, or etc. Not meeting those requirements with agencies can stop you from ultimately getting to the next level in your career. Most agencies will try to change your entire image to be something that you may not be. We have interviewed several companies such as Elite, Ford, Marilyn, Next Management, etc. Every company we spoke with talks about possibly finding a way to merge with the company one day.

When we spoke to CEO Blaison Comeaux or better known as Tokyoblaison, about what he feels about being ranked #1 in the country his exact words were “ We still have a lot of work to do this is just the beginning. We have a lot of great clients signed to our company and we want them to all win”.

Photographer: X @Vizualsbyhd

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