Spotify is the world’s most popular music streaming service and one of the best ways to reach millions of people. However, if you submit your track to a Spotify playlist incorrectly, chances are it will never be seen by the people who would actually help to make it in the music industry. So how do you maximise your chances of being played on Spotify?

Music promotion through Spotify playlist submission and How to Submit your Music to Spotify

Spotify playlists are one of the most effective ways to introduce your music to new fans. Spotify Playlist curators often request songs from their favourite artists. So it’s important to make sure your profile is up to date and has great songs, artwork and metadata. To submit music for playlists:

  •  Requires a Spotify account with at least one verified track (unless uploading tracks directly from artist sites). If you don’t have a track yet, click here to learn how to set up an artist page on Spotify.
  • In order to submit music to Spotify editorial teams, visit your Spotify artist page,
    There, under the upcoming tab, follow the instructions on how to submit your music to editorial playlists. You will need your track to be unpublished but still exist on your Spotify artist dashboard. So you’ll need to set your release date properly on your digital distribution platform.

Why do so many indie artists submit their music to Spotify playlists?

The answer is simple: It’s a way to get your music heard. They hope that with enough plays, playlist curators are more likely to build a loyal audience, and even potentially add that artist’s music directly to their personal collections. It also offers free advertising. Think about it: If you see an article or blog post talking about playlists on Spotify, you might check out what else the person has written, recorded or created. And if that person thinks your song is good enough, they might consider subscribing and thus become a fan.

Submit your music to the right Spotify playlists for the best chance of getting heard.

To get your music featured and added to a Spotify playlist, you need to submit your work to the right place. There are countless playlists out there, but not all are worth sending your hard work to. Also, it is crucial to mention that not all playlist submissions are placed.

To help you navigate this confusing world, here are some tips for finding the right Spotify playlist submissions for your music and getting them heard.

  •  Search “Spotify Playlist Submissions” on Google (and don’t forget YouTube!) for music submission opportunities regularly.
  • Find blog posts talking about specific Spotify playlists, see which ones have live posts, and recently recorded new music from artists like you! These posts include links. Please check those as well.

Using a Music Submission platform to get your song on Playlists

Using a music submission platform can speed things up and get a guaranteed response from curators. One Submit can help you submit music to Spotify playlists, radio stations, blogs, TikTok influencers, record labels, apple music and more. One Submit helps artists get their song reviewed and delivered for playlist consideration. You can create campaigns and submit songs to as many playlists as you like within music genres. by the way, you cannot submit unreleased music, it needs to be on Spotify or at least as an mp3 file. The website is planning deezer playlist submission and also apple music in the near future. One Submit can help you get your unreleased tracks to new audiences fast and efficient


There you have it!  We hope this article has given you a better insight into ​​how to promote your music through Spotify playlists and get it heard by the right people. Remember, there are no guaranteed paths to success, but a well-crafted strategy can help increase your chances of success tenfold. Best of luck!

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