Dot52 is a thriving artist from Philadelphia, PA. Around the young age of 13 he was first exposed to the music scene and the studio life, but being so young he was not yet interested in it career wise. A few years later at the age of 17 his love for music piqued more and he wished to pursue it as more than a hobby. He knew he had to practice and still develop as an artist, but that is exactly what he did. His style is gritty, hardcore and straight to the point. He makes music to motivate others who came from the street life and trenches. His style is flashy, but his content comes from the heart to inspire and uplift his audience.

Creating allows him to vent his life situations and tell his story on the mic. Right now he is pushing his latest release called “Born Champs 2” This project is now on all platforms for streaming. The main records he is pushing are “Internet Gangstas” and “Shine Bright”. He states “Coming from the bottom and taken a lot of losses in this game and overtime the losses into wins we shine bright. It’s a motivational track dedicating all my people to let them know we all weather the storm and the sun will shine bright on you real soon. Just stay focus on dedicated into the work you putting in and you’ll make it out.” Make sure you check out his catalog.

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