Deph Voice is an on the rise recording artist with success and growth on his mind. Music has always been prevalent in his life and it is something that has always been around him while growing up. He enjoys the feelings that music is able to capture. At 15 he knew he wanted to pursue music seriously. It was not until he met his engineer that he thought that was even possible. His engineer took his time teaching Deph Voice musical theory, song structure and production.

After learning much about the creation aspect of music Deph Voice got his own equipment and started up his own hime studio and began to take his career seriously. His inspiration for creating songs comes from every day conversations or simply something in a discussion he happened to overhear. He lets the instruments tell the emotion of the record and goes from there. He is dropping a new release the first week of September titled “White Salsa”. Check out his current catalog before his new single drops.


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