Atlanta has brung us some of the best music in the past 30 years and running. So many different types of artists have come from the south and Atlanta is just a hotbed for all types of artists, not just hip hop and R&B. The sound is unique, fun, real and just flatout lit all the way around.

With that being said, we have a new artist on the scene that is making some serious noise on so many different levels, within the music industry. This artist’s name is Will Power and the music he has been releasing is fire, plus he is an entrepreneur that is moving a shaking hard core in the A.

Will Power just dropped a new record called “No Issues” and it is nothing short of fire. The bars are crazy, the flow is amazing and this record is a banger. Click the link below or click the play button to check out this masterpiece.  

Will Power, as an artist, is an evolutionary wave of talent, wisdom, lyricism and southern swag. His story, his vision and his flow combine in all of his songs, taking the art of rap to a new level lyrically while paying stylistic homage to all of the legends of the south. Born and raised on the West Side of Atlanta, as well as East Atlanta, Will Power carries the love and pride of the entire city on his back. By combining his talents as a rapper, poet, painter, and film and script writer, Will Power’s compositions and projects all aim to expand the scope of the hip-hop fan’s expectations of a rapper. To put it plain, Will Power is more of an experience than an artist. His body of work will speak for itself.

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