Dulla, the “not-so-gentel” gentleman. Dulla, from North Philadelphia, PA had some rough beginnings. After surviving getting shot in south west Philly in (year) and a brief incarceration in (year), Dulla came out spitting fire and ready to let the world know that TRO Gang has arrived. The smooth rap style of Dulla lends a certain air of soul and grace to the TRO sound. So smooth is Dulla’s style, he barely sweats on stage. Although smooth at times, there is also a hint of grit to Dulla’s vocal stylings that lets the listener know that he is not, nor was he ever, one to mess around.

Limitless: So Dulla, What inspired you to start creating music ?

Dulla: Hearing other people stories being told over a beat. Was inspiring an motivational. I had a story to tell. So hiphop gave me fire to try it myself. I ain’t look back ever since

Limitless: When did you realize you wanted to create music on a professional level?

Dulla: I was in Miami 2000/2001 at Jack the Rapper an I was expose to every rap artist that was out at the time , shit blew my mind. Talking to Havoc from Mobb Deep an telling my manger at that time to get his 2way pager number to running in to Fat Joe coming out Rite Aid on Collins. That night I knew I wanted this to be my life. I wasn’t chasing anything I just love to create .

Limitless: nice, how do you define your sound?

Dulla: I have a reality radio sound mix with a new Jack swing .

Limitless: that’s very dope, how do you get over those anxieties before performances?

Dulla: I may have a drink or two before I get on stage it kinda knock the chill ooff my back but for the most part I’m very comfortable on stage

Limitless: what’s your creative process look like before creating a new record or project?

Dulla: Good energy in a comfortable space and most likely in a good mood into all music it’s a mood what ever mood that artist Is in I like to make music in a good mood to uplift people to have that energy

Limitless: thank you for joining us for this interview. We look forward to your future release’s.

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