Having a song produced by the figure that has contributed to the discographies of major players in the rap scene is not that distant of a dream anymore. Music tech startup Starmony’s main mission is to provide the next generation of artists with the same gleaming opportunities as traditional record labels, and their new collaboration with BricksDaMane is a showcase of that mission. The collaboration means that the producer, who has worked on the music of artists in the major league like Drake, Lil Wayne, Migos and Young Thug, opens up his music productions for the app’s users. Ultimately, the Starmony and BricksDaMane collaboration has turned something that was previously unattainable and seemingly impossible in the music industry into a unique opportunity. And that opportunity is all for free.

“Social media has enabled anyone to become famous. With Starmony, anyone can now become a professional music artist. Normally, to go from idea to a final music release on Spotify and Apple Music requires in-depth knowledge of music production, access to record labels and studios for weeks, or even months. This leaves millions of talented music creators and ‘bedroom artists’ outside the global music industry. With this collaboration, our users get to release their songs with beats and productions from top producers who have worked with the biggest artists in the music industry,” stated Jan Nordlund, CEO & co-founder of Starmony.

Prior to the collaboration, Starmony, the ‘all-in-one mobile music studio and record label’, has gained significant traction having been the second most downloaded music app–after Spotifyin the App Store. Just months after the app release, users have created over 100,000 songs on the platform, and the company releases new songs every day on Spotify and Apple Music.

“The Starmony app is going to change the music industry on every level! This is exactly what creators like myself have been waiting for”, chimed BricksDaMane.

Download Starmony and release your own music for free:


About Starmony

Starmony is on a mission to disrupt the music industry. With their ground-breaking music intelligence-powered mobile application, users are able to create songs for worldwide releasejust by using their voice. In a matter of seconds, Starmony’s music intelligence analyzes the users’ vocals and provides full music productions based on more than 100,000 music blocks created and imported by professional music producers. Together with the app’s advanced vocal features, including the authentic Auto-Tune® and other vocal filters, users are able to amplify their songs and release them directly to streaming services or social media. At present,Starmony has users in more than 160 countries and over 100,000 songs have been created in the app since its launch last year.

About BricksDaMane

BricksDaMane loves what he does. Energetic, accomplished, ambitious—the young producer is one of the most in-demand young names in hip-hop. Bricks’ production credits read like an issue of Billboard: Migos, Juicy J, Lil Kim, Meek Mill, and dozens of other hitmakers. Topping Bricks’ discography is a pair of contributions to Drake’s acclaimed More Life: “Ice Melts” w/ Supah Mario and “Sacrifices” w/ T-Minus. In addition, he’s recently expanded his empire to include publishing with the release of Brick By Brick. In his words, the book is a “motivational story” to “inspire up-and-coming producers.

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