It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to become an actor, but the rewards are tremendous, and most importantly, it is fun. A lot of people dream to have the chance to become actors and join the elite of Hollywood A-listers, but the path isn’t for everybody. The path to success in acting can be murky, so actor Carson Spitzke tells us how he started acting without any previous experience.

Network with other industry professionals. 

Befriending other actors can make working in popular acting industry destinations like Hollywood or New York City less intimidating if you’re new. Networking within your peer group is essential in the entertainment industry. You should also build connections with aspiring directors who can potentially cast you in any upcoming film or shows. When networking, look for things you share in common and ways to provide value to them. Common practices include making introductions and checking in on old connections. Cultivating a friendship in the networking process can have a meaningful impact on your personal and professional growth.

Practice on Camera.

Many actors begin their acting careers in live theatre, which involves different performance techniques than on-camera acting. “I started off by analyzing my facial expressions, especially my eyes when I would record myself,” Carson mentioned. A subtle facial expression may appear over the top on the camera due to the camera’s exaggeration of detail. “If you can notice a subtle detail, directors can do the same,” Carson added.

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