We know Gabriella Melrose from luxury photos with supercars, magazine covers and movies, but this year she changed her life path and became a life coach. For many years Gabriella has built a successful career in modelling and acting and had a marketing agency where she has been organising influencers’ events and helping other businesses grow. On her Instagram, you can see many magazine covers, luxury events and even film backstages.

Since last year, she has left the UK for her country, where she was quiet. The young woman said she was helping with her family business and had to leave the UK for work reasons. Early 2022 Gabriella surprised social media with her new life path – life coaching. She changed her image and began to share motivational pictures and videos all over the internet. Many people seem to love her change, and now she is coaching people worldwide over the internet. Gabriella is not like most influencers. She is a model and media celebrity, but at the same time does not share her personal life or fancy pictures anymore. Instead, she shares tips for people on how to create an extraordinary life. Gabriella is an excellent example of that. 

In her 20’s, she managed to create luxury events, win fitness competitions, act in movies, work with the rarest cars in the world, pose for magazine covers, and attract a massive audience on social networks. This year, she has written her first book.

Her book is called “How to become a strong woman.” And will be released in the English language in early September. The book is self-development material for women who want to reach greatness and be independent, like Gabriella. In the book, she shares secrets about self-love, stepping out of comfort zone, learning how to overcome fears, the law of attraction and many other things. She wrote this book while she was back home. Time to focus on herself and disconnect from the big city is all that the young author needed to fulfil her dream. She always wanted to be a writer but did not feel ready for it. Some recent life experiences she describes in the book have given her enough strength to take pen and paper and start writing. Sometimes we must face challenging situations in life to reveal our true potential. This is the law that Gabriella believes in.

Finally, after spending time with her family and healing from a toxic relationship, she decided to start writing and helping others succeed in life. It seems like her new career is going very well, and her book will be an excellent example for many young women who want to become their best version. Gabriella inspires girls to follow their dreams, pursue their goals and not depend on anyone. She says every person must have financial freedom and goals to live a fulfilling life.

Gabriella is a true example that you can change your life anytime. Try something new if you have a great career but don’t feel like it suits you. Sometimes we go up a mountain, and at the top, we see that it was the wrong one. We should always listen to our hearts and follow our dreams, but not the path society makes us follow. A young woman says that changing her career was one of the best decisions she has ever made. She feels proud of herself and happy to work a job she truly enjoys doing.

When you feel like you want to change something in your life – do it! Take time and focus on your inner voice. It will tell you what road to take. After you are sure about your destination, keep moving forward. If you need some guidance along the way, Gabriella Melrose is a great coach to guide you.

See her website www.gabriellamelrose.com and visit her Instagram.

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