There are many obstacles in life. Each day, we face obstacles that make it harder to reach our objectives and live our best lives, such as anxiety, worry, and dissatisfaction. New initiatives and the pressure to succeed at work may be stressful. On the other hand, one may be dealing with a difficult family issue that is keeping them up at night and preying on their mind.

Problems of all kinds are ever-present in one’s personal and professional life, and maintaining a healthy equilibrium between the two may be difficult. Only a tiny fraction of individuals really manage to discover and comprehend God, and even fewer are able to persevere in the face of adversity while being faithful to the path of God. Nikhil Mohan is one such rare individual who has risen above all obstacles and found God. Nikhil’s life has been full of struggles and failures. But, his deep love and faith in God has always given him the strength to keep moving forward and get to where he is today.

Nikhil S. Mohan is a bright scholar from Winchester, Thurston, who is in his last year of health science schooling. Nikhil has played soccer, basketball, and tennis at a high level for travel teams and cup teams, in addition to his chess skills, which earned him a highest rating of about 1700. In his spare time, he writes music and poetry. Nikhil has also founded a company called CommunityUnity412 with the goal of instilling sentiments of love and compassion in people around us by highlighting the significance of being nice to one another and working tirelessly to better our environment.

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