Guwop Reign is an on the verge recording artist making his presence known throughout the industry. Guwop made an early decision at the age of 12 to pursue music as his profession. He initially learned to produce as part of a program at the Boys & Girls Club taught by an engineer from Berklee College of Music. Picking up how to use FL Studio, he managed to master the DAW creating countless beats at home before eventually reaching for the mic. 

After moving from his hometown to Atlanta, GA he was hated by many individuals, but still triumphed throughout the community with his music. Taking his talent to Soundcloud, he put up numbers on one independent anthem after another. “Money Talk” [58.7K plays] and “Fly” [205K plays] paved the way for “No Love” [896K plays] and “Mulan 2” [965K plays] as he garnered tastemaker praise. Lyrical Lemonade dubbed the record his “best track” and wrote, “Guwop has continued to release quality music at a steady stream.” 

After being noticed he landed a solid deal with Galactic Records who are in partnership with Republic Records. After being signed he kick started his new career under Galactic with a new single titled “Demeanor”. More recently he has just released a new project titled “Me First” that includes records such as “Not The Same” and “Me First”. Whenever he creates a record it’s real, he is as authentic as an artist comes that’s why his music is addicting as well as relatable. The production on this project puts him in the league with seasoned mainstream artists. It is only a matter of time before his name is known worldwide. His wisdom and knowledge for the game will have him as a leading contender within the industry.

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