Offbeat Smitty is an on the rise recording artist from Toronto. His music mainly consists of Hip Hop, but sometimes a cross with R&B as well. Music has been his passion very early in life. He grew up around it with his family and became infatuated with the sounds and beauty of creating. He has just started to pursue it professionally, but at the rate he is going he will be a pro before long. Check out our interview with Offbeat Smitty below.

Q: Can you tell our readers about what really inspired you to write music?

A: I knew I wanted to write music when I found out you can be vulnerable as an artist in your music. I always felt super creative as a child. I explored my imagination a lot. I think my mom inspired that in our house. When I had my struggles growing up, music always seemed like a solution. Writing and recording music made the most sense to me in the end and it’s only the beginning. It spoke to me a very long time ago. I’ve always felt destined for it but I never really told a lot of people that either. I just didn’t necessarily have the resources to pursue it for a while. I really felt like I wanted that since a child. Both writing and listening to music made me feel proud of myself when I never felt good enough for much else.  I felt so different a lot of the time, I still do but it felt like the music understood me and I understood it and that’s has not changed. 

Q: When did you realize you were going to make music professionally?

A: I may have kind have hinted at it already but it took a while before I knew I was going to be able to make music professionally. I knew I wanted to make it professionally for a long time, but I only knew it was possible recently. I’ve been writing music since I was 12 thinking one day I can be something. I liked to dream. At 19, I bought gear based off advice I got from my current engineer, TurboVCR, but with the way I was mentally wired, I realized some things are a matter of time and experience. I’m 27 now, but I feel more like the person I should be. I feel more comfortable putting myself out there. I can say now I am ready.  I had only had started last September, of 2021, recording and now I’m at the studio more days than I’m not it feels like. It’s just what I like to do. I owe a lot to my producer and mixing engineer who has made my understanding on how to approach the studio much easier on me. He was my introduction to the studio and I still ride with him as my guy because I think he’s top notch. 

Q: How do you describe your sound/style? 

A: I would describe it as emo hip hop and R&B mostly. It can feel psychedelic. My tandem with Turbo makes for elements of synth wave a lot of the time as well. It’s forever evolving but I’m interested in how others might describe it. That would be cool to know. 

Q: What’s your process for dealing with performance anxiety? 

A: To be honest, I have not developed a process for dealing with performance anxiety. It’s probably a work in progress starting with my first show in August. But if I had to say I was doing something to decrease my anxiety around performing, it would be by putting myself out there and just learning from it. I’ve learned that you just have to feel uncomfortable in order to feel comfortable eventually. I am also rehearsing a lot to decrease anxiety and increase my confidence leading up to my show. I know I will be anxious, but I want this. 

Q: What is your creative process when creating a new song? 

A: I have a dedicated voice recorder and I write my lyrics on my phone. I try to develop my flows and my melodies through free styling a lot and piecing what I like.  Once I get a beat from Turbo, I sit in my car in a mostly empty parking lot. My car is like my space for a lot of my creative ideas musically oddly enough. I just write about what’s on my mind most times but it’s also dependent on the vibe of the beat of course. Sometimes writing a song can take days and other times it can take an hour. It’s weird. I wish my creativity was more predictable. But generally I’m always writing these ideas in my car. I’m working to solidify the Melodies, and of course practice as wel before I get ready for Turbo to hit record. 

Q: Tell us about your new releases. What song are you pushing right now?

A: I am currently pushing a song called “Goodnight”, which was released on the 16th this July. It features someone dear to me in my little sister. It’s a song that feels true to both of us that I feel dares to be literal with the feelings around self worth and looking to find quick solutions

Q: Lastly, do you think the internet and social media has made it easier for new talent or harder? And why?

A: I don’t think I would have nearly the same reach or liberty if it wasn’t for the current setup of the music industry right now. The internet has made it easier for an artist of smaller reach to catch the attention of others as long as it serves them in some way. I know so many people from being online that I would consider some of my closest friends now. Social media has its devils because it is made to be as addictive as possible but there are some positives in my opinion. It has empowered independent artists and influencers of other sorts to have a platform. Imagine all the talent we had no idea about back then without the internet. 

Thank you for taking time to join us for this interview !

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