Bruce Allen Carter, also known as his stage name, Lil Pottna is a music artist straight from New Orleans. For years, Bruce has struggled for his music, confronting not only personal challenges but also a backlash against his brand of music in the local arts scene. Through it all, Lil Pottna has persevered to create unique and innovative music that is taking the music scene in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and Europe by storm.

Lil Pottna is songwriter/ghostwriter. He loves to recording and coming up with ideas to leave his huge fanbase happy and satisfied. Bruce played drums and other instruments which helped shape his style.

He has recently dropped his new single called Tough, a subtle, sophisticated, and powerful composition, alongside number of other singles such as Krispy Kreme, Thug It Out & I Need Dat.

Independent musicians are constantly looking for new ways to get their music out to the public and achieve success in the music industry & the rap artist focuses on releasing songs with an aesthetic feel in order to differentiate himself from other rappers in the game. In an effort to broaden his musical horizons and develop his own unique style.

He has been featured on many notable platforms such as This Is 50, Billboard, TheHypeMagazine, Kazi Magazine, Hiphopweekly and many other high profile news publications.

Since making music since 18, he never took the time to push his journey through the media because he has been focusing on grinding and studio time.

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