Have you ever placed yourself in the shoes of a DJ? Most of us have been to clubs or parties, where the power to choose the night’s music lies with a person whose selections may or may not make us happy. The DJ, then, can be our greatest friend in the world or our enemy, depending on the music they play. What about them, however? When you think about it, it can’t be easy to be faced with dozens, or even hundreds, of strangers who might want to hear everything from Barry Manilow to Anthrax. How can one person read the vibe of the crowd and play everyone’s favorite songs? Well, the next time you hit a club, look around to see who is on their phones. If the music is pulsing and the dance floor is filled, there’s a good chance One28 is the reason.

One28 is the brainchild of Adrien Crastes, a graduate of Bucknell University, ace tennis player, and grad student at Institut de Science Financière et d’Assurances. He is also a lover of good, loud music and the camaraderie found in clubs, where people come together to dance, mingle, and appreciate great songs. There is, he says, just one problem: so much of the music played doesn’t connect with the audience.

“Back when I was in undergrad at Bucknell, I heard of this scientific fact that when you hear your favorite songs, your heart rate increases to 128bpm,” Adrien explains. “When the song doesn’t grab you, your heart rate stays the same.”

He says that this made him think about all the times he had been at parties which, if they weren’t quite duds, weren’t exactly thrilling, either. Then the right song would come on, he would perk up, and the whole night would look completely different. Before he knew it, he would be on the dance floor with everyone else, having a great time.

“The right music is everything for a party, yet people haven’t had an easy way to request it,” says Adrien. “I decided to create the One28 app, which connects partygoers with DJs and facilitates easy back-and-forth communication about the songs to be played.”

Requesting their favorite songs is simple for clubbers, who use the One28 User App to talk to DJs. Through the One28 DJ App, DJs receive the requests, select which ones will be played, and leave messages for individuals if their request is denied. 

“With One28, all the chaos is gone,” Adrien says. “No matter how dark or loud it may be, you can easily get your requests to the DJ. This is changing the party scene and making nights out a whole lot more fun.”

The One28 app recently rolled out at the MK Club in Monte Carlo, where DJ Chris S had a wild night. He says that with over fifty song requests, he was kept busy playing music and had to turn many down. 

“I loved it, though,” he reveals. “It really was nice to be able to see what people were in the mood for. Yes, I still had control over the songlist, but I could more accurately read the vibe and build the energy in the club. It was a great night for everyone, and I kept using the app the next weekend.”

With use of the One28 app spreading across Southern Europe, it’s only a matter of time before it comes to the United States, where parties and clubs reign on the weekends. 

“No matter who we are or what we do for a living, we all want the same thing when we go to a party: a great time,” Adrien says. “Hearing our favorite songs is a crucial part of that. With One28, you’ve got a direct line to the DJ and can tell them exactly what you want to hear. When your music comes on, you’ll feel the difference and know you are having a memorable night out.”

One28, co-founded by CEO Adrien Crastes and CFO Alexandre Coyette, is an app that has simplified how DJs receive song requests from partygoers. By helping people request music that takes their heart rates to 128bpm, One28 is heightening the pleasure they feel at parties and clubs and in restaurants. In 2019, One28 presented their vision at the Monaco International Clubbing Show (MICS) and then began offering its app to DJs in June 2022. It has found enthusiastic support among partygoers and DJs and is changing the music scene.

For more information, please see its website or download the One28 user app or One28 DJ app.

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