“If they don’t like me, oh well,” M¥dN!t£ rapped with clear bravado on his title track.

Chicago-based rapper M¥dN!t£ (pronounced Midnight), real name Mike Miller, recently released his self-titled album on streaming platforms worldwide. While on the outside M¥dN!t£’s first release seems like any other rap debut, what makes M¥dN!t£ particularly unique is the fact that it was entirely created on a smartphone application with music intelligence as its engine.

Starmony, a Swedish music creation startup, developed a mobile application that allows many artists like M¥dN!t£ to create their own music, anytime and anywhere. Though many budding artists like M¥dN!t£ find many aspects of music creation such as a studio facility, producers, professional engineers, and equipment inaccessible to them, Starmony lets them record their vocals directly on their phone, and builds a production around their vocal performance using music intelligence.

The album itself can serve as a window into M¥dN!t£’s artistry for first-time listeners to peek through. Sonically, the album boasts an amazing range of different flavors in today’s rap. While tracks like “Time is Now” and “Slide” showcase the current rap trends, there are fascinating outliers like “Chronic” and “S.O.S” which lean more towards R&B and Pop. Lyrically, M¥dN!t£ touches on his beginnings as a rapper and a musician, his personal life, and the possible paths of his musical journey.

M¥dN!t£ continues to release new tracks through Starmony regularly, and is crafting his next album, all on his phone. He also plans to release a music video along with the release of his sophomore album. Ultimately, by releasing his first album through Starmony, M¥dN!t£ paves the way of a new era, where artists craft their songs through music intelligence.

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