Fatboyshaun and Ricky Mapes reunite for a small family reunion with their newest project Evil Twin. Shaun and Ricky’s chemistry is unmatched to a level of perfection with this release; what was once teased as a possible matchup on Shaun’s latest release has now been confirmed as the heavy-hitting dynamic duo that is Shaun & Ricky—or Evil Twin.

You genuinely have no clue which of the two are the “evil twin” as both have a specific demeanor of style and subject they approach each track distinctly. You may hear a verse from Ricky to make you believe he’s eviler, only to have Shaun recite a verse from another song and change your opinion entirely—and that’s the point. The two blur the lines between personal style and collective aesthetic as they throw the beats back and forth towards one another. Their unique, yet similar flow truly make you pay attention to which one you would believe to be the real evil twin—ultimately playing into the project title.

From the verses to the beat selection, this project is a testament to the true embodiment of the newly founded brotherhood crafted by two amazing lyricists and all-around artists. The two relay their life stories, personal desires, motivations, and even their fears in each of these songs so that you may better understand the origin story of what made these twins evil. Creating the space for the listener to not only relate to or understand the perspective of Evil Twin—but also to contemplate whether or not they themselves are a long-lost evil twin.

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