In the ever-changing world of technology, damage entertainmnent netwerk television continues to digitally progress for content creators to produce, promote and market their creative freedom. Damage TV Netwerk provides creators their very own streaming channel, which will enable them to curate content and present their product or service, direct to consumers and their target audience. 

Damage TV Netwerk owner, David Indikator Fuller who has been producing content since 2005, says “this platform allows me to expose my collective body of video work. Fuller has created programming for his network that includes featuring musicians (Enter The Zone TV), Business owners and entrepreneurs (The Business), live performances from emcees and DJs (Rhyme Republic TV). He also features other publishers original programming who have created shows like the Caribbean themed, Island Flavors as well as underground hip hop video show, Street Sounds. 

Fuller believes there are several ways to monetize content. He states “folks have to be willing to think outside the box.” He says that artists, apparel companies, etc can really be exclusive by having a one stop shopping option for their music and merchandise. Fuller asserts that, “it’s a matter of letting your fan base, supporters and customers know where you are and how to get to you.” Damage TV’s intention is empower people to control their narrative. Fuller says “no one can tell your story better than you, so who better to tell it. “ some of the features on the platform include having a shopping cart attach to every video you feature. Content creators really have the ability to truly be independent, because they control their programming. This platform can serve as a radio and podcast station. Publishers also the ability to control their ad placement and deal directly with those companies. On this platform, you really have the creative freedom, you need and want. Contact us at You can also view Damage TV Netwerk:

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