Not in any order. It’s not the official list.

Most Followed Clubs in Clubhouse

Again the list is no order.

Part One

Check out a few of these dope rooms when you need a break from the real world. Informative information for people to check out. The best rooms are the ones that helps pass time during the day. These room have a fair balance when it comes to speaking to the people in the audience. Now if you are new to ClubHouse try to check out these rooms and see for yourself.

Fix My Life with Aayan ( Aayan X)- He breaks the latest gossip but also talks about social issues that needs to be aired out.

The 100 Ent Show (Wack100 & Ceo Reek)- Wack100, I need to say more on who he is? One of the most talked-about figures on the app.

The Roosevelt ( King Fredy & Trielli Trelle )- Great room to check out when you need a good laugh or two. But also they talk on serious topics.

The Block is Hot ( FireMan Bands & TJ Beezy )- They run music review rooms that help the indie music artists. Plus cool ass prizes as well.

This list was made up on based on the rooms I go into at times. The ranking ? No ranking. Just content I like to hear when I have time to go to the rooms. You may agree with the list and may not. Either way its just Part one of the people who I listen too. It’s not the official list. It’s my list.

Not authorize by Clubhouse. A lot of folks maybe mad if they’re not on the list. No worries you maybe on the next one. But in any case. This list does not reflect clubhouse platform. Disclaimer. Just grind harder not just to make my list but any other list when it comes to this subject.

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  1. I think the “Anonymous show” is the best club on clubhouse…Trust me I know!!!!!

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