Nikora UTA is a man of many talents, who has been able to successfully juggle his passions for music! A self-made musician with an ambitious spirit in both work ethic as well personal goals – Nikora UTA’ s never held back on what it takes when there was something worth achieving at hand. Nikora UTA’s family has always been committed to his professional career, but when he discovered his passion for music it changed everything. He learned how to make tunes and choruses quickly with no prior knowledge of musical instruments or theory; He never stopped there though–every since then this enthusiasm (and output) hasn’t slowed down one bit.

After “Lost in Paradise” with CookieSan, Nikora UTA returns with a new manga rap banger collaboration: “Bloody Stream” with Zoro L’frerot is now available everywhere. They give us an acoustic sound highlighting the anime/manga culture in an original clip made on a green screen which then became a space adventure. While waiting for the arrival of his first EP in September 2022, the summer will be dancing thanks to This title Jojoesque is an inspiration and a motivation to me and even though I have never met him he is like a mentor to me, he elaborates, ”I feed off his accomplishments, it keeps me motivated.” With much to be appreciated for himself, is an outstanding meditative music score, together with the best music score that keeps you conscious and centered. The reason for this track is to exhale negativity and make the listeners know how wonderful life is. Nikora UTA is an artist with many projects in mind.

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