Potok Philippe is a Canadian songwriter and artist. At a very young age he had realized he wanted to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. It was shortly after he graduated from University and experimenting with different business ventures that he saw his own potential. He knew he had a talent he could share with the world. Having such a great support system from his close friends and family members made following his passion a smooth transition. Potok Philippe became quite comfortable with being in the spotlight and began to crave it. In his mid 20s music became his full time job. He began seeking connections within the industry that could aid in his career, thus finding many recording studios in the city to network and create in.

After creating for a few years he finally tapped into his true sound. His music is unique as it comes straight from his heart. He speaks on real-life experiences and tells his own story with his music. He states “I find my voice to be my greatest tool for articulating my emotions, so what Isn’t unique about me?” Potok has had to develop social skills and shift with the ever changing industry to help him effectively. Since finding his sound he has been creating mainstream quality content such as his newest single “BeLIEve In Me”. 

This record is dedicated to a woman that Potok had old relations with. They are no longer together. The song channels his emotional state during his life at the time of their breakup. This was a difficult time in his life that reflects clearly on the record. Potok is also working on other projects as well as re-releasing some of his older content.Now that he has found his true sound his goal is to reconstruct some of his songs from before. His upcoming album “Let It Burn” has been a work in progress for a little over a year. This album is an amalgamation of his last 2 years spent in limbo pondering his musical aspirations and deciding to further his desire to be an artist. His newest single “BeLIEve In me” is set to release this june. 

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