Pop has been a popular genre in America because it creates a sense of familiarity among listeners. As the name suggests, the word pop comes from “popular” because this genre of music appealed to the masses. Even today, pop stands out as a genre of music that allows artists to be at their creative best. Jake DeMichele, a renowned name in the contemporary pop music scene in Los Angeles, is taking the industry by storm with his unique take on this genre.

Jake DeMichele has quickly separated himself from other musicians in the industry with his distinct style. Electrifying music, groovy rhythms, and blazing lyrics mark the signature style of Jake DeMichelek. Starting his career as a DJ in a local club in Los Angeles, Jake DeMichele has climbed the ladder of success fast to become the resident DJ in three posh clubs in LA. In 2022, Jake DeMichele achieved a new milestone in his career by dropping his debut album “Floating”. Within 6 months of its release, “Floating” earned more than 1 million streams across streaming platforms to become a viral trend..

Jake DeMichele’s first ever studio album ‘Floating’ has started trending all over streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music, as well as on Tik Tok and Instagram. There’s no stop to this sensation. Overnight, Jake DeMichele’s fan base has been blowing up after hearing his album everywhere. He has now over HALF-A-MILLION followers on his Instagram. The streaming and sale numbers are still skyrocketing, and now conversations about band-merch apparel are being requested from fans. Jake DeMichele’s music on ‘Floating’ has also been noticed by Netflix and may be seen in the new TV shows to come from Netflix. His managers have announced publicly to fans that they are expecting a huge take off with brand deals and touring opportunities for Jake’s supporters to see him live. After all, it is the fans to thank for this sudden take off.

“Floating” entered the Billboard chart and also ranked #13 on the iTunes music chart. The song
is off his new EP titled Sun Meets Moon.

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