Here at Limitless Magazine we had the amazing opportunity of interviewing Marlisha Applewhite owner of R.A.V.E Productions LLC. Ms. Marlisha was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. She enjoys being a mother and living around such a supportive family. Her tenacity has helped her overcome traumas throughout her life, both mentally and physically. Now she shares her testimony with all.

How did you start your career? 

My career started back in 2017 before I experienced my silent suffering of bipolar depression and epilepsy which all started to come to light in 2019. I then begin to pray for release which is not helping me be an inspiration to not only myself but others who love to hear my story which is very impactful. 

What are some major accomplishments/ successes you are proud of?

 I have had the opportunities to premier in a couple of Tv Show’s: Tyler Perry #AllTheQueenMens & Oprah Winfrey #Greeleaf , Two Movies in Memphis #ChristmasAtGraceland – #WeddingAtGraceland which were amazing opportunities. I have been featured in multiple magazines, fashion shows, hosted my own events, started my own mental health production, public speaking events and several news, radio and podcast  interviews.  

If TMZ interviews you today, how do you want to be perceived and positioned? 

If I was interviewed by TMZ today , I would want to be perceived as an inspiring entrepreneur who is not only the founder of R.A.V.E Productions , creator of Surviving H.E.R and an advocate for Mental Health. 

What key projects are you working on and what are your key goals for the coming year?

 Some key projects that I am working on are, more short films, books and creating an event that will help bring more highlight to Mental Health as much as I CAN.  A few of my key goals for this upcoming year is to travel the world sharing my story #SurvivingHER and landing a leading role somewhere on tv. 

Facebook: Marlisha A Applewhite 

Instagram: Upcoming_star_

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