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Munir Vibes

I started out singing gospel songs in churches in Philadelphia. My Mother formed a group out my brother, my sister, and me. My mother got sick and we stayed with family in Jamaica while she recovered. I was so drawn to the style of dancehall reggae music for its boldness and originality. When I got back home I had discovered that I had a strong desire to express myself in that same style. 

Music has been a part of my life since I was born. I’ve heard numerous stories of me nodding on beat to the music playing in the car as a baby. 

If it wasn’t for music I would most likely end up back in prison or living an unfulfilling life.

I have always valued my spiritual connection. I had a mystical experience that was just a clear message that I had to get back to my mission. I believe everybody has a specific purpose they are here to express or create. For me that’s music. 

My ability to articulate. I think the way you use words to express yourself is just as important as the words you choose. My articulation is a huge aspect of my value. 

I plan to inspire people to follow their dreams and more importantly believe in themselves! That’s also a part of my mission, to help creators find their spark and then shine bright! 

The plan has been working so I see my career developing into other areas. I see myself acting, speaking and running the executive side of things as well later. Mainly helping others achieve their goals and live their passions. I love hearing that something I said or did helped somebody to get where they want to be. The vision is to create a legacy of work that raises awareness to having a positive self image and then help other artists and entrepreneurs do the same. 

My style of music is conscious hiphop with street elements. I value intelligence, freedom and boldness. I think my sound is like if Kanye and The Lox could merge into one musician. 

Aim and shoot! When I work alone, my process is just to capture everything I hear the beat telling me. Its weird but I prefer writing without beats. My imagination is very strong and I can hear anything in my head. So when I write to a beat playing its mostly distracting. I do things to challenge myself as an artist. To add to my catalog and keep from getting bored with it. But for the most part I get inspired so easily that I just start writing. Expressing. When I work with other artists I shoot at the specific topic of the song if there is one. I love what I do! So its easy to do it.

I like to give an energetic but controlled performance. I’m focused mostly on the vibes the stuff you cant see but can see evidence of. Like people catching goosebumps or feeling something that you said like its something they think. Getting those reactions are priceless. 

I would say one in West Africa. Maybe Ghana or Nigeria. I get a lot of love in those areas, it would be dope to go and explore and perform there!

My current single No Drama is my favorite right now. I have so much unreleased music That may change often. 

My sound will include a wide range of collaborations in different genres. I like working with different artists and different sounds. I love my freedom so I will probably be just experimenting with whatever I’m thinking. 

My voice is unique to me. I express my ideas as raw as they come to me. Combined with my vocabulary, my sound comes alive fast. Also music is energy I’m putting messages in my music you may have to listen to again to understand on another level. 

Some of my biggest musical influences are Busta Rhymes, The Lox and Super Cat. They all represent creativity, intelligence, and freedom. I think I’m like that!

My song Candyman is one I do that with alot! But other than that, I listen to Real Youth by Vybz Kartel like its my theme song. 

I would love to work with Koffee. I listen to her with my children. It would be a pleasure to collaborate with a reggae artist and she is one of my favorites right now. 

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