J.T. Gaffney, an 18 year-old from Cincinnati, Ohio, recently partnered with Vincent Romano, a British billionaire based in London, UK. The two have agreed to a multi-million dollar business venture which will change up the music industry forever. 

Gaffney’s new business, ‘7130 Entertainment’, is a next-generation music company dedicated to artist development, management, audio distribution, and brand marketing for aspiring artists and creators, as well as major acts. 

Around late summer of 2021, the Bishop Sycamore high school “team” was gaining recognition after their 58-0 loss against Florida’s IMG Academy, which was televised on ESPN. He saw this as an opportunity to contact the now, former head coach LeRoy Johnson, and invite him to join his new business. Johnson agreed. In the weeks following the team’s loss, Roy confirmed that HBO and Netflix were in the works of filming a documentary series about the scandal. Gaffney is set to appear in the film and is currently working with Johnson to seal the multi-million dollar deal with Vincent’s company, ‘Romano Capital’.

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