The sensational story of the Terra (LUNA) crash — alluded to by some as the Lehman Brothers of crypto — has taken one more striking turn as authoritative reports uncover the liquidation of two South Korean workplaces and the disintegration of the Terraform Labs Korea Corporation in the days going before the double cash breakdown.

At first revealed by South Korean media source Digital Today, the data got from the country’s Supreme Court Registry Office feature that Do Kwon effectively impelled the liquidation of two branches and a whole organization.

Both the Busan base camp and the Seoul workplaces were scheduled for disintegration during an overall investors meeting on April 30, with their downfall being actioned on May 4 and May 6, individually.

The planning of these choices has raised doubts inside the crypto local area because of their possible relationship to the occasions involving the monetary annihilation of the Terra (LUNA) and UST stablecoin during the early long periods of May 10.

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