You ever heard a song so different and good that, you had to listen to it more than once. Then share it with others? Yes, this artist Miss Elysia Gupta will have you in that exact mode. Her energy is truly unmatched on the track. Making bold statements each lyric, that most her age know nothing about, usually. Elysia is ahead of her time with her music. Experience a little magic with each song, by listening to Elysia’s current music now.

Elysia is a rising pop star from SW Florida, with a natural ability in music that includes singing and songwriting. She landed performance gigs and placements on major blog sites such as Lyrical Lemonade while still in high school.  Dec 3 2021, she released her anticipated single, “Like That” which had gained recognition from winning various music showcases and amassed a heavy following on IG and TikTok.

Early Life and Interest in Music

Elysia was born on March 27, 2003 in Queens, NY and  moved to Port Charlotte when she was a child, In 1st grade she became interested in music despite not having a musical background, she auditioned for her first talent show but didn’t make the cut. She didn’t let this discourage her and by the age of  8, she joined choir in elementary school and made the talent show. In high school she began recording her own music inside a closet in a home studio and shot her first music video. At this point she knew she was destined to become a music star   

Music Career

Elysia graduated high school a year early after taking online classes to get an early jump into her music career. She started taking trips to Atlanta, Miami, and LA to work with different producers which later helped craft her sound. To add to her repertoire of talents she began taking dance classes and practicing choreography for live shows. She has performed in multiple venues and won back to back music showcases which gave her the budget to start her professional career. 

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