Amber Singleton’s real estate career highlights may lead you to think that her ambitions to become a musician have been overshadowed by her real estate success. She became more driven to pursue her first passion for music after seeing her image on billboards throughout Los Angeles. Lyricists like KRS-One, Lil Kim, and the late Notorious B.I.G. have influenced Amber throughout her career. 

During her teenage years, Amber remembers spitting lyrics over emcee cyphers as C-Style. This name has been with her throughout her career.  Her relationship with the crowd when she drops an atypical verse is one of the most fulfilling feelings as a lyricist. While she has been featured on several tracks, she plans to release her debut album sometime in the fall.

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According to Amber, “I’ve been ignoring my second love for too long.” Amber shared that she was inspired by other artists who chase their dreams and achieve success on the world stage. “I am most afraid of looking back and regretting not having tried.” she said. The desire for the crown never fades among the top lyricists, but in fact, the desire to wear it calls the artist back to the industry time and again. That is the call Amber is answering, and she is ready to put her heart and soul into this year’s project.

The journey was long, but it was worth it. There was a lot of loss, but I learned a great deal along the way. You will hit roadblocks, just go around them. You will have doubters, block them out. You will have secret haters, just watch them. No action is needed, never give up. This is your dream, not theirs,” Amber explained. 

She has plans to work with major artists this fall as well as produce a two-volume LP. To culminate her debut album, she will work with artists from a variety of genres, including R&B, HipHop.

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