You have rappers, artists, icons and legends. Arguably some of the most dopest rising artists in the game are representing the DMV! The lyrical style of FQNZY is a different breed in terms of diversity, let’s just say it’s an understatement! On top of that, Hailstackz is praised for his hooks and cadence switches accompanied by his unique voice. During Hailstackz’s “Contradictions’’ EP Release party, the two met. 

Hailstackz decided to show love to the known artist, Frqnzy, & Frqnzy completely blew the roof off the place with a precise yet mind-blowing set. Frqnzy stated, “Seeing how humble stackz was, it was different from any encounter I had with a indie talent, from the look to the shock factor, down to the story, yo bro been through s***t just like me. I find that inviting and far from coincidence. I’m a spiritual person, I don’t believe anything is by chance when meeting another talented soul that is pure like mine”. Said the young lyricist.  Hailstackz was making a name for himself in their hometown of Virginia before Frqnzy arrived. It is a struggle in America today to be trans, black, and alone, as Stackz did. But he wears it with PRIDE. Hailstackz isn’t in the industry for money just like Frqnzy. They want to tell their story! No debate, they do it BETTER than most of  your TOP 5 in the game. The song “4 The World” isn’t just for the summer; it’s for the men. The theme of last year’s summer was “men aren’t sh**”, “trick on a n***a for a bag”, “he’s for the streets”. Sometimes, that isn’t the case and let’s be real, if the world really knew what went on behind closed doors in relationships, I believe opinions would change about some of these praised “major acts” in the game. Frqnzy said, “This song is strictly for my n****s” in an interview. 

Ever wonder how they started their musical collaborations? Both artists were experiencing an unfair breakup at the same time. Together, they made a record called “The Key”. It was awesome! An entire vault of music emerged from the two, exactly 50 songs in 3 days. It is hard to compare them all to each other, but the variety is unmatched! You will never hear the same song twice! The only downside is that they will be releasing it in two parts. So we won’t be able to get them all in one project. In addition to the songs used on the album, all the songs that weren’t used on the album will be released as official videos throughout the release date. In terms of a release, HAILSTACKZ will soon be releasing a new album that could be released any day now, titled “Metamorphosis”. The album will contain 11 tracks in its most pure form. This project was developed prior to the presence of Frqnzy in his life. I believe that this album expresses his pain, with family issues, trauma, battles, finding himself, heartbreak from the love of his life, as well as the growth that came from all the challenges he encountered on the way to stardom. Watch out for it to be posted on all social media platforms by the end of this week.

Hailstackz and Frqnzy are showing no signs of slowing down! They broke  Top 40 charts in the United States with “4 The World”. The song has grown wings of its own since then! The old saying “Girl he 4 the streets” will be gone by the end of the summer, and if they do, men can say “you for the world baby” clever marketing, turning a title into a trend. Hailstackz & FRQNZY,  better become familiar with their names! Frqnzy has major deals and meetings on the west coast at capital records, as well as an international tour that is currently being arranged. Germany, Canada, the UK, South Africa, and the US are the countries they are seeking to add more shows to. 

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