Vantasia Land of OKC has been striking attention from various companies world wide. She recently just agreed to work on a submission based project for Steve Madden. When we interviewed the owner Tokyoblaison to hear his thoughts on the model he said “Vantasia is a different breed and she’s going to be great.” CEO Tokyoblaison did not comment on anything further but those words.

Normally when a company signs a model they look for someone who has all the characteristics of a model. Vantasia Land is the true definition of a true model. We look forward to learning more about this OKC model and what she brings to the table. We see models all the time but Vantasia Land is a special type of model.

Commercial modelling encompasses all other types of modelling including plus-size, fitness, lingerie and beauty. It is used to sell products to everyday customers.

Commercial modelling ranges depending on the brands, but it is generally representative of a more approachable and realistic look. Commercial models tend to look more like “real people“.

What is High-Fashion Modelling?

High-fashion has much stricter requirements than commercial modelling and is therefore more difficult to get into. Models usually walk on runways and work for expensive premium brands.

High-fashion modelling tends to be more creative and artistic than commercial modelling. It is expensive, aspirational and luxury.

Famous High-Fashion Models

High-fashion models are seen as supermodels and work for brands like Victoria’s Secret, Chanel, Prada and Dior. Famous names include:

– Kendal Jenner

– Miranda Kerr

– Gigi Hadid

– Bella Hadid

– Naomi Campbell

– Adriana Lima

– Heidi Klum

– Tyra Banks

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