• If you want to become a better singer, you need to learn from the best. Our voice is the most natural instrument we have, and we can use our vocal abilities to both communicate and celebrate. During all the highs and lows of life, we can sing songs to express every aspect of the human experience. If singing is your passion, then pursue that happiness without hesitation!,If you can imagine yourself hitting every note, that’s the first step toward actually doing it. Visualize yourself as the singer you want to be, then take small, manageable steps to get there.
  • Nanass has world class compositions started as dreams and ideas. He reveals “On ira ensemble”. Nanass is an artist who wears several hats. Originally, Nanass is a independent rapper. He learned everything from this independent rap environment. As a Youtuber, Nanass has done it all independently. Anas M’hamedi who was born in Carcassonne has already accumulated nearly 147 million views on his YouTube channel by commenting on rap news. In 2021, however, Nanass made a strong entry into the music industry… With various titles released in 2021, he achieved a concept close to what Ghostface Killah achieved with his “36 seasons”. With his various titles released in 2021 “My Story”, “My success” and “A chance”, the composer has set up a real sound story telling that works on the sensitive. He finished his first EP for the occasion on “On ira ensemble” a magnificent ballad which, like all the other titles, evokes a part of its history.

IG: https://www.instagram.com/nanxss1/

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