Houston rapper Y Sit GetteUp sat down with The KaylaK (Kayla Homes) and gave an exclusive on meeting Trae Tha Truth and T.i. ,being in Hawaii, therapy , drug addiction, talks about almost signing with LA. Reid and more. 

When asked about Trae Tha Truth & T.i. Y Sit GetteUp says “I been knew T.i. for years, I was on like 3 episodes of T.i. and Tiny’s The Family Hustle in the background, as a child growing up constantly getting kicked out of school, dropping out and stuff, T.i. and Tiny and others around me tried to keep me out of the spotlight, due to the pressure that comes to being a child star, so I was cropped out of many pictures of a lot of famous people for my protection and stuff. Me and T.i. got like 20-100 unreleased songs, we recorded for months straight while I was in Hawaii, and in his basement while Zonnique, Domani and other Hustle Gang members.” 

Y Sit GetteUp about spoke about meeting Trae Tha Truth, Hustle Gang, Block Party Shooting , LA Reid and more. “I meet Trae Tha Truth win i was like 13, I was outside Alkins highschool in Houston leaving out with Travis Scott, when I saw Trae Tha Truth and the entire ABN, given out school supplies to like 33 people, money and all types of donation and stuff, i rapped for him, and he drove me around the city and we locked in every since. I rep two gangs Bloody and Hustle man u dig, this Hustle Gang shit is more than a label it’s a family and i got endless songs with Trae and my other label mates, I just never rushed putting out music, I just was around learning from my OGS given me the game, but I’m thankful for for being signed to Hustle Gang. 

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