Silouane Pascal is betting “Réussir ou Réussir”!  Silouane Pascal is based in Paris, France.  In the coming months, he will launch the Recsound project.  In this project, You will find artists like Jok’Air  and other big names in urban music.  But Silouane Pascal also has a foot in music.  The singer recently unveiled the title and he intends to follow up on a next single after his “Réussir ou Réussir“.  Namesake of the motto “Get Rich or Die Tryin’”, the title “Réussir ou Réussir” is as atmospheric as his other singles but he leaves with this spirit of conquest that characterises Silouane.  Silouane Pascal already has a few titles to her credit.  He is an artist full of hope for a generation that is often disappointed and above all never satified.

Only having a start in music industry , Silouane Pascal has been proving himself as an artist time and time again. With a growing and interactive following, Silouane Pascal strives to create more and more music. With that, Silouane Pascal is incredibly responsive and active with his followers and listeners. With an open Direct Message and always in the mood to chat to his fans, Silouane Pascal is well connected to the very people that have helped move his career forward. His overall work ethic and drive to succeed are well recognized and respected by his follower base. Be sure to check out Silouane Pascal and give all of his work a look. You can keep up with him on his official Instagram page

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