Blake Rocha is a California – based social media influencer who is rising considerably on a couple of notable social media platforms including Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, and YouTube. He is a viral social media celebrity who has successfully earned a wide fan base through his tireless efforts over a span of eight months. He has accumulated over one million followers on Tik Tok while growing 100k plus on Instagram.

Besides his active social media presence, he is also the founder and CEO of Wiseguy Investing. Wiseguy Investing is dedicated to various business opportunities including Air B and Bs as investment properties, commercial real estate and cryptocurrencies. Rocha admits that he reached this point in life after taking the prerequisite steps in order for him to learn the nuances of being a successful businessman. He recants that his career as an entrepreneur began very early in his life. His favorite job growing up was when he served as the front desk attendant of Hub 101 was his favorite job because he got to meet and learn life – altering lessons from many great minds. But he also had to do jobs that he did not enjoy like selling cars at a used car dealership.

He stepped in his entrepreneurial career from an early age. By the time he was in 8th grade he was a part of a multi – level marketing company Vemma where his duties included the conduct of meetings for recruiting and training purposes. Blake Rocha had a very interesting childhood where he grew up with the kids of his neighborhood playing a number of games like football, marbles, nerf guns shooting, as well as jumping bikes and scooters on ramps.

Rocha credits his father as the source of his inspiration because of the way he spoke and interacted with people even though he worked in a prison he was still such a humble person. The qualities are exemplary for a growing teenager to witness because it shaped his world view and defined his treatment of people. For Rocha, his Spanish teacher Senora B. was another person who inspired him in his adolescent years. She always challenged him to be the best in class even though others made fun of him at the time for being shorter than his peers. These life experiences have been crucial for the development of Blake Rocha who is living a purposeful life that is inclined towards faith and knows the art of hard work – life balance well.

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