Luna 13’s “Gorgo” is like that scene when our hero, black metal, is being monologued by the villain, bass music, in the final act, and the villain hits it with “You and I, we’re not so different after all.”

Stop reading this review and just start listening to the album. The more you know about it beforehand, the less appealing it becomes, until you actually listen to it. The best approach is to dive in blind and then be completely flabbergasted at what the record is throwing at you. Here, I’ll even post the Bandcamp embed early:

Ok, you’re back?

So let me explain what you just witnessed. This is Hollywood CA’s black/bass/metal act Luna 13. A newcomer by all means, another duo band from Bandcamp, but one beforehand having moderate success, getting their CD’s
and splits released by some labels like Cop International and Cleopatra Records. So it’s not like Luna 13 isn’t a tried and tested raw electro act, and I do recommend you also check out ‘Wicked Gods’ after this one for an amazing slab of bass black metal.’ Gorgo’ is the project’s 7th full length, yet they are starting to pop now. Right at the moment they are new to 90% of people listening to them.

It’s almost like Luna 13 saw how the Electronica world was calling itself brutal and punishing and decided to enact revenge, bringing some bizarre collaboration of 80’s death metal and modern bass music.

(Pic Chuck Stanley)

Let me tell you, ‘Gorgo’ has a sense of evil about it and a clear vision in its darkness, making it terrifying, so it’s actually worth listening to. And what is the most frightening of all of this, is that there’s plenty of moments where ‘Gorgo’ works too well for me not to ask myself some questions about the common melodic nature of bass music and black metal, check out the song “Her Infernal Majesty.” Maybe… maybe they’re not so different after all, it just needed proper execution. Luna 13 songs are heavy bass music yet it is clear their song structure is geared to the head banger. It’s a bass music act but in live shows, people bang their heads to them, literally.

The point that I wanna end on, is that “Gorgo’s” greatest achievement is not the marrying of bass music and black metal, or any conclusions about each of those genre’s essences. No, ‘Gorgo’ greatest achievement is that it’s incredibly evil and enthusiastically inviting in a way that few albums manage to. This is a dark night party, and you are invited. “Hail,” Darkness again creates something completely original and possibly a new genre of music! Look out trap-metal, black/bass/metal is here and this b dark AF! Lilith Bathory is serpentine cold and ferocious with her vocals and Dr Luna has created a completely violent and heavy new sound. 9 out of 10 stars for no fuks given, they do what they want.
This is as original as you can get.

Tracks to pay attention to: Til There’s Nothing Left, Dig, Unborn, Gorgo, Her Infernal Majesty, Upside Down and Hear My Call!

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