Artist ‘Mohamxd’ of his real name, first name Mohamed Bousroud from the South of France, Carcassonne. He has just re-released some tracks that his fans have wanted for a long time, one of which has exceeded 60,000 streams “BABY MAM”. He started working with some really big American artists on some really big campaigns, it was very inspiring  him to become like it means having a fan base and touching people live. He works a lot in the music industry and it pushed him to really create this sense to impact people not only with my services but also with my voice.What is unique about his music is that he deals with various themes, but  always stay on a single firm theme and really tell the truth in his sounds, especially since he knows the music industry, so knowing what can work if he can’t.

He is interested to listen  a lot of American rap, NBA Young Boy, Lil Uzir Vert are still classics. A little like everyone else, everything we’ve experienced in life, all the trials and tribulations and the work he put in to achieve hard  goals.In charge of communication in parallel, so he also works on music, it’s still very nice, it’s really something that he is very passionate about. He will like that one says to him it is music, publishes not to be perfectionist to have the best sounds to have the best cover, just publishes enjoy kiffe and that will improve with the progress without concern.

IG: Mohamxd (@mohamxd_) • Instagram photos and videos

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