Ambala Production, which is known for its remarkable innovations in the music industry, is now set to ride on a new journey. With their previous successful launches, they are set to dive into the field of spirituality. Why spirituality? combat on a trip with us to know the secrets behind this decision.

From the beginning of the 20th century, people started focusing more and more on speed. Getting work done that too at a faster pace has become the ultimate goal of every individual and entity. You are considered to be of no use if you don’t speed up like flash.

In this race, we forgot to focus on our core body and mind. This took away our mental peace and gave rise to different problems like depression, hence increasing the suicide rate. India is still in the early stage of this phase. The main reason behind this is our love for music. We Indians love music. It helps to heal our souls. And the best form of this music is Spiritual Music.

India is the land of Spirituality. God has gifted us this power to produce the best spiritual music in the world. Our ancestors have crafted this superset for us long back. But, in this modern world, we are losing the authenticity of this power. The crap of fusion and rock music is disturbing the balance of spiritual music.

To solve this problem and to create the most authentic form of spiritual music, Ambala Production is launching its new channel – Ambala Productions Bhakti. Here, you will find the best spiritual music, devotion songs, and more.

Ambala Production is always known to promote and support artists in every possible way. This new venture is no less than their previous work. Artists who are ready to produce quality music over quantity are always welcome in their journey.

Indian youth, busy in social media mess and non-useful short-form content, need to be brought to their cultural roots. If they are connected back to their old form of content with a flavor of new and authentic music, then they surely will be more stress-free and will be more focused on their goals.

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