NEW YORK, New York- The “WE ARE FLOYD” anthem was created by U’KNO THA DON of My Life Entertainment LLC & NINO KHAYYAM featuring U’Kno son known as PIGLET; it is produced by PALE1080 and engineered by RG THE PRODUCER.

This anthem is dedicated to EVERY LIFE TAKEN UNJUSTLY. As brother of George Floyd, Terrence Floyd says: “It could have been anyone of us. That’s why WE Are Floyd.”

An anthem created for Terrence Floyd’s 501c3 organizationWe Are Floyd, is anticipated to be an anthem for the world. Encouraging justice to prevail for the families of all the lost ones and the healing to begin. The “WE ARE FLOYD” anthem ignites the flame that burns within the message to stop these unnecessary deaths and protect our BLACK FUTURE while not forgetting our BLACK HISTORY.

This is why the anthem drops on ALL PLATFORMS on FEBRUARY 28TH; it is the last day of BLACK HISTORY MONTH and the first day to take what we have learned and apply it to our BLACK FUTURE.

For every spin, for every download, for every listening ear of this anthem; consider it YOUR personal step closer to strengthening the message. Part of the proceeds goes towards the charity of the We Are Floyd Organization.

Thank you National Action Network (NAN)Confront Art and Da Union Djs for your continued support and efforts in this movement. About We Are Floyd Organization: WE ARE FLOYD is a 501C3 led by Terrence Floyd, George Floyd’s brother. We Are Floyd supports initiatives to help communities dealing with mental health issues, poverty, police brutality, and social injustice. In the name of George Floyd, We Are Floyd partners with existing community-centric organizations, bringing awareness to issues surrounding underserved communities, highlighting the lack of educational programs, and promoting change and progress. For more information on We Are Floyd and it’s affiliates please visit

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