Jhene Aiko The Ark Event
By: Brandon Parker

2.22.22 was a magical day for many all over the world. Spiritual healing, alignment, and high vibrations filled the air, as manifestation became an important practice for those knowing the importance of self healing. One person in particular who sparked healing for family, friends and fans was superstar singer Jhene Aiko. As she is in the forefront of R&B and healing, she decided to share her gifts with an intimate group of lucky patrons, by hosting her first ever public healing retreat called “The Ark”. It was an all embracing restorative kingdom that changed the lives of many in attendance and provided a safe space for people to release, grow and tap into a higher power.

With an amazing set up, attendees could be seen engaging in meditation circles, yoga routines, breath work, journaling, and sound baths. Guests were able to indulge in food on behalf of food trucks and purchase merchandise related to the event.  One familiar name that engaged in “The Ark” festivities  includes R&B gem Eric Bellinger who shared some dope words about his experience of the event. He candidly stated “When I saw that she was doing this I was so excited. It is a very therapeutic and means for people to get over sickness on the mental and physical level. This event was hidden, it was not promoted at all and I could not think of a more perfect day to shed light on so many people who are just finding out the power of healing through numbers, and the intentions behind it.” As many high profile influencers poured in, Aiko’s family showed up in full force including sister Mila J, her father Dr. Chill OG and partner Big Sean

After each healing workshop wrapped up, fans were in for a special treat. Jhene herself took the stage in a white ensemble looking like a fairy goddess accompanied by Sean. As she began her sound healing ceremony, she invited the intimate audience to participate with her in a relaxed state of mind, body and soul. She was seen performing a sound bath, which is a meditative experience in which those around you feel “bathed” in sound waves. The calmness of her voice, the ethereal & mythical visuals, and the vibrations from the sound bowls, allowed attendees to connect to a higher power, while learning positive and fruitful ways to heal. To top it all off, Jhene performed song lyrics from her classic “Stay Ready” matching the high frequencies that had already been created. Big Sean led one of the meditations following Jhene’s lead, while her father Dr. Chill played the flute live throughout the entire ceremony.

Dr Chill exclaimed how proud he was of Jhene for putting together such an incredible event and praised her heavily for creating a metaphysical, metamagical, meta morphological retreat that was epic beyond all means. As Jhene continues to build her Ark of light, eternal love and abundant healing, it is safe to say that she is exactly what the world is missing! Jhene Aiko brought a level of healing to the city of Los Angeles that will forever have a lasting impact.   

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