Dr. Chill OG is an LA legend hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio the home of Super Bowl contenders The Bengals. As a holistic physician, natural born healer, souletic poet, philosopher, spiritualist, aromatherapist, musician and singer, he uses his platform to prompt healing, self love and connectedness to the world. Being the proud father of 8 including superstar singer Jhene Aiko, he has taught all of his children to shine brightly in and out of the spotlight. With new music on the way, visuals, and an NFT in the works, he continues to increase his influence on the world in a positive and harmonious manner.

As Aiko recently hosted her first ever sound healing retreat in her hometown of Los Angeles, California, she had some special guests performing a serene sound bath with her as she captivates of audience into spiritual healing and restoration. Special guests included Big Sean Jhene’s partner, who led one of the meditations and her father Dr. Chill OG who gracefully played the flute in a serenading manner. Others in attendance included serial entrepreneur Ladi Saka, R&B star Eric Bellinger, and Aiko’s big sister Mila J, who also has the musical gift like her sibling and father. As the audience fell into a relaxed state of being and serenity, Aiko allowed on goers to engage in healing that was warranted beyond means. Dr. Chill was an integral part of the retreat, vibrating on a frequency that was exalting.  

I caught up with Dr. Chill OG after he partook in a sound bowl healing ceremony, to discuss the power of this event, seeing his daughter Jhene Aiko perform at the Super Bowl and the power of self healing as a creative. He graciously shared his wisdom, and knowledge, as we ate at his favorite restaurant Denny’s. Check it out below and visit his official website here

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