BalmainDaDon is an on the rise recording artist/entrepreneur from Trenton, New Jersey. He is also the CEO of publishing company 830szn. Success has always been in his blood. Growing up music was something that he couldn’t escape. He was born into the culture and studied some of the greats such as Michael Jackson, Wu-Tang and other pioneers in the industry. 

Soon BalmainDaDon began creating and he has not stopped since.. Losing his mother at a very young age and experiencing depression and anxiety was difficult, but he overcame the obstacles that came from those experiences. His tenacity is unmatched and his story inspires all. BalmainDaDon is currently working on an upcoming album titled “Ascension ” which shows his diversity from R&B to Hip Hop. He is also planning to release his first music video on Valentines Day for a single called “Act Right” featuring IndigoMak. This year is about growth and excelling in all that he does. Make sure you check out his catalogue. You will not be disappointed.

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