Cardano has certainly been outperforming the market and is a super competitor to Ethereum. While the price is still significantly lower this might be the perfect time to add to your bags. ADA has a healthy ecosystem and we tend to think the token is severely undervalued. Recently they launched a DEX Sundaeswap that had some backlash, but with that being said none of their issues will last long as their congestion rates have already been lightening up.

This year will be interesting for ADA. This ecosystem is the most elaborate and most structured and it could really give Ethereum a run for its money. The low transaction fees Cardano provides is already enticing. Also Their CNFTS are gaining a lot of attention as well. Such as projects like Cardano Kids, Baby Alien Club, The ADApes Society, Soho Kids, Brightpalz and more. We think its just a matter of time before Cardano takes over completely.

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