The rising artist known as Kindness is express his vibe with us regarding some projects he’s working on and what he would like to express in the vibe of his music, future projects and more.

August Russell aka Kindness is an inspirational rapper that is hoping to bridge the gap between secular rap and mainstream rap. He will be utilizing the concept of southern melodic rap like the hometown hero and legend the rapper Nelly has portrayed in the height of his career.

This sound is very unique and very few artist are making this style popular. In fact, we cannot think of anyone. The artist Kindness has a unique appeal because not only did this style make Nelly an Icon, but other artist such as Drake, Da Baby and others have a revolutionary style to their music and also some have a melodic appeal.

August is also hoping to co produce many of his music projects. He is in a music program online and will cresting his own unique appeal to music such as Hip Hop Worship. In the past August was known as the artist name August Atrillyon but he changed it to Kindness after he found his niche.

Hip Hop Worship is something that will take the worship and instrumentation feel of music and add a unique rock, jazzy and hip hop feel. We think this will also be a premier sound because many artist such as Smino, Kendrick Lamar and others utilize this sound and it has made waves.

August aka Kindness has a single with Lil Wayne coming into streaming platforms immediately and is hoping to gain promotion and be on major playlist, charting and blog placements. The song is Called the Black Joker – Right in Time for the New Batman era.

He is hoping to submit to the 2022 BET Awards as well.

Some performance bookings August has in store in 2022 are COAST2COAST Mixtape, SXSW, Blank Space STL, Major Open Mics in addition to submission to Rolling Loud and opening up for major artist.

If opportunities roll in Kindness will be signed as an imprint to a major label with his own independent label known as WWJD? A division of STRAIGHT OUTTA THE WORD LLC. His main choices are Empire Music Distribution and next would be Sony Music.

He has all of his projects lined up and the titles of his three albums in 2024,2026,2028 are all invisioned and they are titled


They utilize the Hip Hop Worship feel and they will be co produced. Hopefully by a major producer.

The project you can expect in 2022 will be entitled “THE LOST TRIBE OF JUDAH”. Song titles for This EP can be found on Kindness IG feed.

Look for Kindness to be a prominent artist in 2022.

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