Keishmund Taylor is an on the rise recording artist, better known as THENEVERENOUGHGUY. This young artist has not had an easy life. He has had many tragic moments that could have sent him down a negative path, but his strength kept his mind positive. His mothers passing in 2013 was his hugest downfall, but he did not want the pain from that to cause him to live with a dark cloud over his head. He chose to triumph from his pain.

THENEVERENOUGHGUY was especially known as a basketball star in his area, but also had skills in creating art. He began to run a clothing and apparel business titled “neverenoughapparel”, but wanted to do more. He wanted to find a way to better market his brand and soon stumbled upon music. He became the voice behind his brand and wanted to be heard in every aspect as a Musician and Entrepreneur ! He also is working on a water brand “Never Enough Alkaline”. Guess you can say he has a young Master P mindset.

Over the period of his music career he has opened up for major artists such as Gucci Mane and CMG artist Mack Queze in his hometown in North Carolina. With each passing day he strives to become great at all that he does and continue to enhance his brand. Currently he is working on his new single “Either Way” which has already been released. The song has already put up good numbers and continues to climb. Although promoting this single he is already getting ready to market the next release.



THENEVERENOUGHGUY- Either Way (official video)

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