Foolish has been grinding as a recording artist/entrepreneur from Florida. Not only has he been putting his mark in the industry as a music artist, but now he has his own podcast show called Reality Music Entertainment. On the air Monday, Wednesday and Friday has guest come on the show that are invited to discuss real life topics. All who come on the show such as artists and entrepreneurs come on air to promote their brand to the audience.

Foolish has created this platform to allow others the chance to be heard and to spread love through unity. Let all voices be heard and not just celebrities. Outside of the podcast Foolish has a new single in the works releasing called “I’m The Truth”. This track explains and embodies Foolish as a person and an artist. The track has high energy that all listeners will enjoy. he will also have a video in the works for this record as well. This is the first single of Foolish’s second studio album so stay tuned !

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