There are many entrepreneurs who changed business trends and business environments with their unique methods. Entrepreneur is an individual who creates a new business, bearing most of the risks and enjoying most of the rewards. Being an entrepreneur is not an easy job, it requires many obstacles, sacrifices, struggles and much more. The entrepreneur is commonly seen as an innovator who has ability to adapt to new ideas, risking his resources that may or may not benefit him. Among such entrepreneurs who have achieved so much in very short time is Aman Patel.

Aman Patel is a successful entrepreneur, innovative businessman and owner of many businesses. He is also the owner of Dishision, which is a social dinning experience app and concierge service for top class restaurants around the world. The app is very useful for the people who love to travel, explore, enjoy different foods and try new things in life. It helps users to choose the best restaurant for stay and dinning in a very affordable range, and as per the needs of the person. It has everything a person may need, be it about dishes, what is the best of the restaurant or what to eat.

Aman Patel also owns a company named as Divine Apps which is a mobile app development company. Divine apps developed a cryptocurrency trading app named as BitNeuro. BitNeuro was later acquired by a company in the United Kingdom(UK). He also owns two tobacco manufacturing companies which produce water pipe tobacco in Germany as well as UK. He also developed a successful people dating app called “Fly Me Out Take Me Out”. The app was later sold to a Swedish company FING Tech for an undisclosed amount. He was praised for his work in the industry.

Entrepreneurship is the creation or extraction of value and requires hard work, being truthful to your objectives and constant struggle. Aman Patel also tried many businesses in the past before becoming a successful entrepreneur. From clothing line to a Dropbox style file sharing website, he tried many businesses. He made investment of worth six figures at the age of 17. The biggest challenge for him was to be partnered with the OpenTable and have meetings with them regarding his apps, which took several months.

In Short, Aman Patel is one of the successful entrepreneur and businessman of our time. He has become famous worldwide after the innovative idea of the Dishision app. He wants his app to be the No 1 app of the socialites that enjoy finer things in life and his concierge service to the best in the world. At a young age he is an inspiration for many new and upcoming entrepreneurs who are struggling to achieve their dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur. He is also active on social media having 14k followers on Instagram. 

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