Michael Baker, a Toronto native and member of the Head Fake band, has released his new solo project, “Hasten Mercy.” “Hasten Mercy” is a three-track EP released under Global Heist Recordings/Neurodisc Record, which focuses heavily on using retro synthesizers and up-tempo melodies. Released in September last year, it features both vintage and modern synths. Despite being a short piece of music, Hasten Mercy touches on many of the tonal aspects that made the 1980s so intriguing. It also highlights Michael’s diverse musical influences, which have shaped his lyric-driven melodies. The talented artist tries to tell his story and life experiences through this musical treat. Moreover, “Hasten Mercy” is Michael’s attempt to inspire listeners to pursue their dreams.

Michael Baker married at a young age and was unsure of his future. He went to law school and eventually settled in New York City, despite the advice of his musical mentors to pursue a career in music. As the adage goes, “everything has its time,” and music found its way into Michaels’ home when he began lulling his young daughters to sleep and introducing them to different genres and styles. Michael composed and recorded “Hasten Mercy” in a spurt of inspiration. The EP was inspired primarily by the question of whether Michael could reorient his musical energy after years of pursuing a more traveled path. The album begins with “Star You Are,” which transports you to U2’s early 1990s and 2000s. “These Things” is a slower song, while “I Break Everything” has a lovely melodic feel that will enchant listeners.

Michael Baker’s “Hasten Mercy” is now available on all major music streaming services, including Spotify. Click here for more information on Head Fake’s upcoming projects. 

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