Who is Saint Louis, Los Angeles based Rapper known as “kindness”?
We sat down and wanted to explore a rising artist that is gaining momentum and is hoping to gain
exposure in the year 2022.
The “BLACK JOKER” rapper known as kindness is becoming known for his single with Lil Wayne that is
expected to be re released in late January. In addition to his tapes “GIFTED AS A RAPPER”, and “RAP 4

MY LIFE” series.
He wants to get on a major playlist and the attention of cultural blogs such as a XXL or Genius.
We discussed the process of this song and also what he anticipates in the year 2022 and more about his
rap career.
How did you start making this song and how did you get Lil Wayne?
⁃ I began recording right before the pandemic started and then about 6 months later got
Lil Wayne on the remix from an a&r that had connections.

Are you signed?
⁃ Currently no, but I am working on pitching my own independent label from my company
to become an imprint or a distribution deal with something like Empire or Sony Music. But I actually do
have a distribution deal with Sony orchard which is for indie artist and labels.
What are your goals for music in 2022 and beyond?
⁃ I was told by a major industry person that in order to gain success you need a good
story. You can’t just be on one playlist or blog. That doesn’t guarantee success, you need a build up . You
need to build buzz. So in 2022 and beyond I want to build my buzz and brand. I have each project, each
show, each song on the project, each thing lined up for my entire career in the next 10 years.
Who inspires you in music?
⁃ Everyone. The legends. The independent artist. Anyone who shows the love of music.
When and why did you begin rapping?
⁃ I started rapping at age 19. I was told to stop singing by a vocal coach and developed a
desire to do hip hop. It took over my life after that.
Do you know any famous artist?
⁃ I know smino a little bit. I grew up with Jordan Ward. And I’ve met Chance the rapper. I
also know people who are very close with Nelly.
Anything else?
⁃ You will see me build my brand and buzz in 2022. I promise you.
If you take a look at the style of “kindness” you will see it’s very unique and very inspiring. His message
is usually about God and trying bridge the gap between secular culture and also Christia

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