Upcoming Mogul DJ TP a DJ, Audio Engineer, Producer, and Graphic Designer born in Memphis, TN is making his presence known here in the industry. Only starting to produce around 2018 in his college dorm room his skill has increased tremendously. We got to connect with DJ TP & ask him a few questions about his come up.

Explain how you became passionate about Music.

Music has always been an important aspect of my life simply because I’ve always been around it in some way. I honestly thank my mom & pops for their music taste which of course led me to hear all types of music that younger people usually didn’t have an interest in because of their age. Also, just being able to be apart of the era that actually got to see musical go completely digital because of stuff like Limewire & YouTube was pretty cool. It was easier to have access to all types of music & just surf the web looking for music. I just can remember being in front of a computer 80% of my child hood. 

 Since you do so many different things music related can you give a brief summary on the importance of versatility in the 21st century

Being versatile & having a lot of different talents is a necessity in my opinion in today’s time. I say that simply because just think about how many people are producers, so say for instance you got a guy that’s just solely a producer who sends you beats, but this other guy is somebody who can produce your beat, record the song, make the cover art, AND spin the record in the club. It’s a no brainer, on who you should work with to be honest. It’s super important to be versatile bro. 

Who are 3 established Creatives you look up to & why? 

Pi’erre Bourne is definitely one of my favorite producers & he’s even in my top 5 as an actual rap artist, that boy tough. I also like Sauce Walka, that dude’s energy is just undeniable, & it seems like he’s on his business too, I’d definitely work with him. I think the last would have to be Jay-Z, just in regards to business he is definitely one of the top guys. I want to model my record label after the ROC, literally built brick by brick from the ground up into something beautiful. 

What are some things you’ve accomplished since you’ve started your career?

I’ve DJ’d in front of crowds of thousands, that alone is just amazing to me. Also, my album is one of my dearest accomplishments to me musically, just thinking about how much time went into it definitely makes me love it even more. The streams on Spotify sitting right at 17.5k. It’s been out for exactly 1 month & 3 days. This is an accomplishment for me because I’m completely independent. 

What are some things you have coming up in the near future? 

THE BIGGEST DELUXE, I originally wanted to drop it in October but I just felt as if the timing was a little rushed on the release of the regular album so I didn’t want to turn right around with the deluxe & people hadn’t even got to enjoy the regular. But, I’m also about to start working on a 90’s inspired HipHop/R&B album, no date on that em either. A few more things I’m working on include, signing the first artist to Wealthy Warriors Music Group in 2022, and with more artist on music 

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