Maurice Shelton, Better known as Money Reece is an on the rise recording artist from Chicago Heights, Illinois. Growing up in the projects gave him character. He knew that if he did not hustle from the jump he would not get to where he wanted and needed to be in life. At the young age of 8 he and his friends decided to stay far from trouble and do honest work to gain money. They would go to a grocery store and help individuals with groceries in hopes of gaining a nice tip. 

Money Reece eventually saved up enough money to be able to afford his own home studio equipment. This catapulted his music career and passion for the craft. His goal is to grow his brand to a mainstream level and be heard by the masses alongside some of the industry’s top artists. Money Reece has the passion and drive behind his music. It’s only a matter of time before his name becomes a household name.

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